Fargo: The Complete Second Season (2015)

Fargo: The Complete Second Season (2015)

Rating: 8.9/10 from 285,601 users
Runtime: 53 min
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller | 2014 | n/A

The all new "true crime" case of Fargo's new chapter travels back to 1979 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota, where a young State Police Officer Lou Solverson, recently back from Vietnam, investigates a case involving a local crime gang and a major Mob syndicate. Helping him piece things together is his father-in-law, Sheriff Hank Larsson. The investigation will lead them to a colorful cast of characters that includes Karl Weathers, the town lawyer of Luverne, Minnesota. A Korean War vet, Karl is a flowery drunk blessed with the gift of gab and the eloquence of a true con artist. Joe Bulo, the front man for the northern expansion of a Kansas City crime syndicate. The new face of corporate crime, Joe's bringing a Walmart mentality to small town America. His number two is Mike Milligan. Part enforcer, part detective, Mike is always smiling - but the joke is usually on you. Bulo and his crew have their sights set on the Gerhardt crime family in Fargo, currently led by matriarch Floyd Gerhardt. With her husband at death's door, Floyd takes over the family business, frustrating her eldest son, Dodd Gerhardt. An impatient hothead with a cruel streak to match his ambitions, Dodd can't wait for both his parents to die so he can take over and expand their business from kingdom to empire. Bear Gerhardt is the middle son, an intimidatingly large man who, although inarticulate, is the most decent of his clan. Rye Gerhardt, the youngest of the Gerhardt clan, views himself as a big shot, but in reality he's just a small dog who barks big. Written by FX Networks


Director: n/A

Writer: Monica Beletsky / Steve Blackman / Robert De Laurentiis

Company: MGM Television

Awards: Won 3 Golden Globes. Another 56 wins & 210 nominations.

Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1

Country: United States

Creator: n/A

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Seasons: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Sound Mix: Stereo | Dolby Digital

Tagline: Aw jeez, here we go again. (Season 1)

User Review: 334

Writer: Monica Beletsky / Steve Blackman / Robert De Laurentiis

Cast: Allison Tolman / Billy Bob Thornton / Colin Hanks / Martin Freeman / Russell Harvard / Kirsten Dunst / Ewan McGregor / Patrick Wilson / Carrie Coon / Jesse Plemons / Mary Elizabeth Winstead / David Thewlis / Ted Danson / Bokeem Woodbine / Brad Mann / Timothy Olyphant / Glynn Turman / Jean Smart / Bob Odenkirk / Keith Carradine / Cristin Milioti / Joey King / Zahn McClarnon / Angus Sampson / Michael Stuhlbarg / Andy Yu / Em Haine / Jeffrey Donovan / Olivia Sandoval / Rachel Keller / Graham Verchere / Raven Stewart / Goran Bogdan / Joshua Close / Mark Forward / Gary Valentine / Michael Hogan / Wilma Pelly / Shea Whigham / Adam Goldberg / Glenn Howerton / Brad Garrett / Nick Offerman / Elizabeth Marvel / Keir O'Donnell / Tom Musgrave / Barry Flatman / Rachel Blanchard / Susan Park / Oliver Platt

Language: English / German / Korean / Spanish / American Sign Language / French / Russian / Hebrew