Padman (2018)

Padman (2018)

Rating: 8/10 from 16,440 users
Runtime: 140 min
Genre: Comedy / Drama | 2018 | 09 Feb 2018 (Denmark)

Biography on Tamil Nadu activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, whose mission was to provide sanitary napkin's to poor women of rural areas. Who would use rag cloths or leaves during periods where use of sanitary napkins was rare. After he did not get fruitful results from his family and a medical college he approached, he decided to try it himself by making a uterus out of football bladder and filling goat's blood in it. He would roam around the whole day with the bladder, the aim was to check the absorption rate of the sanitary napkins made by him. Written by


Director: R. Balki

Writer: R. Balki / Swanand Kirkire

Company: Mrs Funnybones Movies

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination.

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Country: India

Creator: n/A

Location: Madhya Pradesh, India


Seasons: n/A

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

Tagline: He's a crazy superhero

User Review: 116

Writer: R. Balki / Swanand Kirkire

Cast: Akshay Kumar / Radhika Apte / Sonam Kapoor / Jyoti Subhash / Urmila Mahanta / Suneel Sinha / Sanjay Singh / 'Om' Rakesh Chaturvedi / Mrinmayee Godbole / Mridul Satam / Parul Chauhan / Saurabh Agarwal / Amitabh Bachchan / Varun Bag / Himika Bose / Riva Bubber / Gautmik / Chittaranjan Giri / Lalita Goyal / Faiz Khan / Wasim Khan / Swini Khara / Ran Levy / Zachary Harris Martin / Biju Menon / Aman Singh Mukar / Rakesh Chaturvedi Om / Andreas Pliatsikas / A.R. Rama / Santosh Rege / Abhimanyu Sarkar / Nandini Shrivastava / Akash Srivastava / Rob Tunstall / George Zouvelos

Language: Hindi